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Having started the unit since 2013, we at Sokhi Lamination and Paper Products are engaged in the supply of Sokhi brand Fully Automatic Paper Plate Making Machine, Lamination Machine, Paper Reel to Sheet Cutting Machine, Slitting Machine, Lathe Chucks, Dog Chucks, Independent Chucks, True Chucks, Self Centring Chucks, Power Chucks, All Type Hand Press , Fly Press, Pillar Press, Jewellery Press, Arbour Press, Deep Body Fly Press, Button Press, Spring Control Arbour Press, Double Body Fly Press, Pipe Bending Machines, Paper Plate Dies & Cutters & Pillar Type Drill Machines with the whole-hearted co-operation & guidelines from our Patrons, we are the pioneer in India to supply such Quality machines. Our product is well recommended & appreciated in Indian Market. It has established the goodwill & remarkable reputation in Indian as well as international market.

Sokhi Lamination and Paper Products Machine launched complete range of paper machinery in 2013 like Fully Automatic paper plate making machine, Semi Automatic Paper Plate Making Machine, Semi Automatic Bowl Making Machine, Manual paper Plate Machine, Circle Cutter(envelope),Paper Lamination Machine, Roll to Roll Machine, Slitter Machine, Hydraulic Press & all type of Paper Plate Raw Material etc.

Our company deals in all kinds of industrial products like Fully Automatic Paper Plate Making Machine, Semi Automatic Hydraulic Paper Plate Making Machine, Manual Paper Plate Making Machine, Circle Cutting Machine, Lamination Machine, Roll To Roll Machine, Slitter Machine, Double Body Press, Fly Press, Soni Press, Arbor Press, Casting Body Cooler Fly Press, Deep Fly Press, Deep Press In Steel Body, Pillar Press Casting & Steel Body used for various industrial applications.

We are well established in export sales in a few countries like Jordan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Libya and Bangladesh as well as in European, American & Australian Continentals.